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Lenovo YOGA


One of the benefits of owning a tech business is being able to bring home new and exciting things for the family to try out. After getting the Lenovo Yoga in it became obvious this would be one of those products.


Whenever I bring something new home I never make a fuss about it or try to pass any judgement on the product itself for fear of shaping the family's view of the product before they get a fair chance to test it out.  I set it on the coffee table and let the kids have at it.  For 3 days they put it through the tests while the ipad and Android tablets sat quiet and lonely.  Their verdict was obvious in that they loved it as if it were a new and exciting friend that came to visit.  But what children don't understand...


Children struggle with the concept of value atleast when they are little.  For the longest time I struggled with the concept of value relating to tablets and convertible PC's.  They were pushing $899 to $999 convertibles that were similar hardware wise to a $249 net book.  That didn't make a lot of sense to me.  It finally made sense when we received the Yoga and were able to offer it under $600. A great balance of quality, speed, performance and price.  That's value.


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